Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big Swells of Maresias, São Paulo - Brazil.

High Fall season is one of the best times of the year for surfing in the Southeast region of Brazil. Constant cold fronts come from Antarctica sending weekly swells, the sand bars are at their best after the long and hot months of Summer, the water temperature will not drop before the arrival of Winter in June and the winds use to be gentle this time of the year with glassy mornings everyday.

Maresias beach is positioned in a way that the South swells reach it straight in the face and the usual Northeast trade winds are perfect offshore. In classic days the waves there can display ´hawaiian power´ and quality similar to world famous beach breaks as Hossegor and Puerto Escondido.

This region of the São Sebastião county is a sanctuary of the Atlantic Rain Forrest with summer vacation mansions lining the shore and lush green vegetation covering the hills. Each beach is divided from the other by a green headland. Besides Maresias, surfers can take advantage of two other neighboring beaches: Baleia e Camburí.

If a very strong swell comes, sometimes Maresias can get a bit closed out and very difficult to get through to the outside, as there are no clear channels. In days like these broken boards are a common sight, in this situation Baleia will be the perfect venue to keep the competition running in a less stressful environment. But on the other hand, Camburi is one of the most consistent beaches in Brazil and if the swell drops (which is very rare at this time of the year), Camburi always has some rideable surf. Baleia, a half moon shaped beach with dark thin sand, Baleia has the characteristic of holding very big waves, maintaining shape.

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Francisco J.Pellegrino said...

Hi Movilla, grande abraço a vc, a hora que vc tiver um tempinho visite o blog destes meus amigos surfistas....ela é filha de um amigo daqui da Santo André e o marido é de Santa Catarina....surfista das big waves...divirta-se.


MoVilla said...

Obrigado pela dica Francisco.
Já visitei o site. Gostei muito.
Já estou meio velhinho, me lembra um pouquinho dos anos 70 quando morei em Camburi e Barra do Sahy, uns 3 anos só pra surfar todo dia; mas ainda pego minhas marolas, sempre que posso dar uma escapada para a praia.

Joel Marcos Cesetti said...

Great Movilla, the northern coast of Sao Paulo is all good!