Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tramontana R - A Exotic From Spain.

Tramontana R-Edition, a supercar from Catalan marque Tramontana. Based in Girona, Spain, about an hour north of Barcelona, the Tramonta Group rolled out the new €385,000 beast.

When it comes to eccentric exotics, a few names spring to mind; today, a new one can be added to the list. The Tramontana has the looks, mechanicals and aura of something very special, and when you dig a little deeper, your interest grows exponentially.

To begin with, a V12 Biturbo, producing up to 720 HP and 678 ft.-lbs. of torque, is mounted midship and mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox. 20-inch carbon/magnesium wheels frame 380 mm carbon ceramic discs, squeezed by six piston calipers both fore and aft. Any affection for the styling is strictly subjective, but we will say that the Tramontana's looks increase ten-fold with the glass canopy removed. Only twelve will be made each year.
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Francisco J.Pellegrino said...

Movilla, este carro reune o que de melhor temos em tecnologia, numa série limitadissima podem aparecer compradores, mas pensando bem acho que eu compraria um Pagani Zonda se pudesse.Este aqui tá mais para uma motocicleta carenada.

MoVilla said...

Pura verdade Francisco.
Um brinquedo caríssimo pra quem já tem de tudo e mais um pouco na vida.

Joel Marcos Cesetti said...

It ... A very expensive toy!