Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flying Colors! Creative Paint on Airliners

The sky is blue, so why your plane should be simply white? Paint it in all the colors of a sunset... and pretty up the skies!

Some airline companies are clearly out-painting competition with their groovy air fleet. Often called aircraft livery, such special paint schemes can be exciting and even inspirational. Japan Airlines with their Disney jumbo jets comes to mind, in particular, plus Australian Qantas Airways has been commissioning famous artists to come up with exotic art for their "birds".

On this page we feature some particularly wild and even outrageous airliner paint schemes, from all over the world - send us more examples you spot in the airports or even if you had opportunity to fly inside one of these yourself...



Joel Marcos Cesetti said...

testing my poor English, Grand Movilla! beautiful photos, always liked airplanes decorated, very good.
Thanks for the comment, I will publish more photos of your album.

MoVilla said...

Dear Joel
"Poor, definitively isn't the right adjective for your English skills. It's perfectly fine, and I thank you so much for the kind words.