Saturday, October 24, 2009

Miha Furlan

Sport Prototipos published by Joel Cesetti , is a blog specialized as the name suggests...well in Sport Prototipos, and is a great source for new finds about motorsport. I'm always on the look up for something out of the common place , or I've not seen yet.

Today as usual, going trough the new posts, once again I found first-rate information about cars and people I hadn't the opportunity of having known before. Notwithstanding the beautiful photos posted, there is something that amazed me the most: on his recommended blogs and sites list I found Miha Furhan's blog, an amazing painter. The graphic treatment of his paintings is astonishing.

If you are an art lover, and mostly a motorsport art lover , you're better be ready to spend a long time visiting Miha's site.


Unknown said...

Realmente ele é um artista completo,coloca os carros de forma como gostamos. Também estou preparando um post para divulgar o grande trabalho de Miha Furlan.
Falei com ele por e-mail é uma pessoa simpática e atencioso.

Belo post, parabéns.


MoVilla said...

É isso aí Joel. Uma maravilha o trabalho do Miha. Volta e meis passo um bom tempo no site dele, admirando as gravuras.
Acho que gosto do trabalho dêle tanto, ou até mais do que o do Rob Ibjema.