Monday, December 21, 2009

Industial Design: Urwerk Watches

Like your Rolls-Royce, Louis Vuitton bags, and priceless, endangered animal collection, the Urwerk UR-202 turbine regulated watch is another expensive item you don't really need. Still... you want it, right? Who wouldn't want this beast, what with its self-winding kinetic motor, telescopic minute hands, orbiting and revolving hour satellites, and fancy, mechanical turbines that we understand almost nothing about. But hey, when your timepiece is more complicated than a jet plane -- and likely more expensive -- you've probably made it. Check out the totally awesome video after the break to see this thing in... uh, action.

One of the most interesting innovations encountered in the case of the UR-202 is the fact that the rotating vanes used in the past have been replaced by miniature twin turbines (miniature air compressors), which are coupled with the winding rotor. According to the position of the selector lever, the turbines act as shock absorbers, cushioning the sharp movements of the rotor and thus reducing wear and increasing the lifespan of the movement.
Furthermore, the turbine system is totally self-contained within the waterproof case, which provides a better level of protection even when the user decides to go for some extreme sports-related activities. The air flows from under the turbines and is channeled up past them under a saphire plate and down through holes leading to a tiny air chamber. read more @

The URWERK UR103 is not defined as a measuring instrument, it is emotion. It is the Art of time. This emblematic line increases today with the presentation of the UR103T.

The UR103T, “T” for Time, Temerity, Telluric? “T” of the 103T is a mystery which is revealed with the first glance. Observe the heart of this creation, you find a new form of life there. A moving structure took seat there. Tarantula!
The last born of collection UR103 borrows more than one gene ADN from famous representing gossamer-like world:

UR - 103T
An esthetics. The central cross of the traditional UR103 – orbital titanium crosses – was replaced by a whole structure of metal. A composition in ARCAP which encloses the four satellites of the hours, while letting appear only one, premium, that of the exact hour which ravels the length of the rail of the minute. Over the UR103T, time takes again its entire conceptual and philosophical dimension.

Over the years, the people over at Urwerk have come up with a pretty comprehensive line of watches, all included in the 103 family. However, back in the first half of 2008, the watchmaker has decided to finally move on and inaugurated the 202 collection with the UR-202 model, touted to be the world's first watch to use compressed air for winding purpose.

URWERK are known for their cutting-edge and in your face designs. They won’t shy away from a challenge and if bucking trends were a hobby they’d certainly be the fan club presidents. The UR-CC1 is certainly playing to their strengths. The UR-CC1 makes use of two horizontal indicators displayed by two retrograde cylinders: one for the hour, the other for the minutes. And like you had any question about the complexity of its inner-workings. read more


Prices start @ $65,000

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