Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Basin

We tend to associate polluted water problems with under-developed countries and rarely give a thought to how we would cope with a situation when our fully developed city comes under the siege of Mother Nature’s fury! At times like this, contraptions like the Happy Basin for instant purified drinking water can come as a relief. The basin includes nano ceramic filters embedded in the holes at the bottom of the cup that help in the filtration of polluted water. You simply need to push the basin into the water body and let surface tension buoyancy take its course.


The ‘basin with holes’ mimicking the world typography is an innovative product that has nano ceramic filters embedded at the bottom. The ‘water intake holes’ via surface tension of the polluted water allows it to pass through the filters and consequently, makes it drinkable.

Designers: Woo sik Kim & Duck soo Choi

sources: greendiary.com



Joel Marcos Cesetti said...

Sensacional! Já é comercializado?

É bem apropriado também para o Brasil principalmente no Nordeste.


MoVilla said...

não sei dizer, se produto tão útil está a venda. Encontrei a matéria em um site (link abaixo do texto) de desenho industrial que visito.
Busquei na net, e não encontrei nada à venda. Espero que não seja uma daquelas idéias maravilhosas que não chegam a sair do popel.