Friday, July 10, 2009

Palm Springs Air Museum Got Cars Too.

1925 Rickenbacker Super Sport

An inline, 8 cylinder, "L" head, valves in the block, 4.4 liter engine dual carburetor and dual ignition, producing 104 hp @ 3000 rpm, powering the rear wheels trough a 3 speed gear box. The 4 wheel drum brakes and a unique engine oil/water separator device were far ahead the competition. Custon designed wire wheels, and all external bright works are copper plated. The bumpers and interior trim items are made of teak wood.

Note the Miniature Monoplane Radiator Cap: A tribute to Capitain Eddie Rickenbacker's Fame as an Aviator and National Hero.


Francisco J.Pellegrino said...

Coisa linda,esta combinação de cores com o cobre é de cair o queixo...

Dick Clark said...

Unfortunately after Bob Pond's death, this car along with the Tucker partially pictured behind it left the museum permanently to reside with the Pond car collection.