Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1950/51Talbot - Lago T26C Grand Prix

The Formula 1 Car that won Le Mans

Despite being largely pieced together by pre-war components, the Talbot-Lago T26 raced for six years and took many victories. Most of these were taken with the striking T26C in Grand Prix, but the most remarkable achievement was an overall win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a thinly disguised T26C in 1950.

Apesar da maioria das peças usadas em sua montagem ser da época pre-guerra, o Talbot-Lago T26 competiu por seis anos e foi vitorioso em diversas oportunidades. A maioria dessas conquistas foi conseguida com o modelo T 26C. No entanto, sua mais impressionante conquista foi na 24 Horas de Le Mans de 1950, com um modelo ligeiramente "disfarçado".


Joel Marcos Cesetti said...

The Talbot along with the Auto Union and the BRM V16, really are the great classic cars powerful.


MoVilla said...
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MoVilla said...

I agree Joel.
The Auto Union D-Type, and the BRM V-16 were, probably, machines of superior engineering, but this Talbot-Lago is a masterpiece on its own right considering , that was put together with outdated parts coming from several different machines. Antony Lago, had the stroke of a genius, when putting this car together.