Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Next Porsche Supercar-The Hybrid 918 Spyder.

Faster than a Carrera GT yet more economical than a microcar, Porsche next supercar is super indeed.

Officially it’s only a concept, but there’s no doubt that project XG10 -- or the 918 Spyder concept -- will pave the way for the next Porsche supercar. And what a supercar it is going to be: in addition to the normally aspirated, high-revving, 3.4-liter V-8 good for more than 495 hp, the striking 918 Spyder has three electric motors onboard that add another 215 hp to the tally. Says Wolfgang Dürheimer, board member in charge of R&D: “This car can lap the Nürburgring faster than the Carrera GT. At the same time, it averages 78 mpg [on the EU driving cycle] when driven gently. Are we going to build it? We will definitely bring some blank sales contracts to the Geneva show, but it’s too early to talk pricing, production volumes, and timing.

"The strategic aim is to demonstrate that even a supercar can be environmentally friendly. XG10 promises total driving pleasure—and a clear conscience. This is a trendsetting and sustainable premium product that uses the issue of social acceptability to its advantage. And it reflects the legacy of Ferry Porsche, who was convinced that sports cars would never go out of fashion.”

XG10 stands for X1, Geneva 2010. X1 is the code name of the 918 Spyder, which is only one version of many. Potential variations include a 918 coupe, an electric 918, and a 918 RS/RSR. This car can be either two- or four-wheel drive, have plug-in electric or gasoline power, come with an open top or a fixed roof, and be either a racer or a street machine. Its genetic evolution dates back to the 1997 Porsche GT1, which was a Le Mans–winning 911 on steroids. That car triggered project LMP 2000 (Porsche’s exciting Le Mans comeback car), which was halted at the eleventh hour by then-chairman Wendelin Wiedeking, who was always more of a numbers man than a car guy.
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"This car shouts Porsche from every angle, and yet is truly advanced and not at all retro."

text by Georg Kacher, excerpted from May 2010
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Francisco J.Pellegrino said...

Achei muito bacana, modernoso demais para o meu gosto, infelizmente ainda vivo naquele passado dos painéis com montes de relógios (estou desenhando algo como relógios de aviões para uso em autos), mas enfim é o futuro, me parece que a Porsche está preparando algo para competir em Le Mans...a conferir.