Friday, November 27, 2009

Industrial Design in Motion

Voltra by Dan Anderson - Sidney, Australia

VOLTRA is an electric motorcycle which uses product semantics to help create the sense of visual excitement and exhilaration so important in the appeal of motorcycles.
The Voltra is the result of research into motorcycling history, society and culture as well as technology, materials and manufacturing and product semantics.

Deltoid Design DD 20-19, by Athanasios Kartas

Athanasios Kartas has designed a very cool looking car that looks like its straight out of a matrix film with the green light effect. Called the Deltoid Design DD 20-19, the features of the car are not really disclosed, but as far as the design goes, it gets thumbs up from me. Small and compact, it is a two-seater that looks high-tech and suave. The steering wheel is on the left side and the wheels look fiery with the metal pattern that has been designed on it. Quite a new and innovative design it indeed is.

Hurricane, by Jin Seok Song, South Korea

The Fibonacci sequence, which appears in plants, higher organisms and natural phenomena, has such perfect structure and
formativeness as to be called a ratio of God. The innovative design was achieved using this optimum mathematical resolutin.
The Hurricane's wheel made from a single rim combines previous complicated suspension systems into one,
which has a new formative beauty that could not be found in the previous wheel.


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